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In reality we have to admit that technology is the love child of math and science. Together those two content areas pull together the foundations of what we know to be current technologies. Those who create new technology use the problem solving and analyzing skills they learned in school in math and science. So when thinking about where my blog should go today I considered those two subjects carefully. My certain gravitation goes to math, as I love to teach math for sure. However, I decided that since I have a love/hate relationship with teaching science, I should most certainly go that direction. So, yes, the secret is out… I am not the best science teacher in the world. I never was an ace in science in school, which very conveniently transferred to my dread of teaching it in the classroom. When departmentalized in 4th grade I opted to teach social studies and leave the science to my co-teacher. I think all this has made a pretty solid case for why I want to make this my focus. We all have a spot within what we teach that isn’t delivered as well as all the others- but in this world of educational technology, there really is no reason to sit back and keep it that way. So this blog is dedicated to you- the teacher of science, whether you are great, or developing, or fearful! 🙂 So onward- the path to becoming a better science teacher awaits.

What I know– Well labs and hands on learning are  by far the strongest ways for kids to grasp scientific minds. Now, while I would love a world in which I had time to do a full out lab everyday, that isn’t possible… so how can I take those days when I am not doing a hands on lab and make it just as engaging and learner friendly! – Here are some suggestions!

Discovery Education – I recently became a STAR Educator with Discovery Education and can say I am for sure a big advocate of them! DE Science is such a fabulous tool to use in the classroom. Start with their interactive glossary as a great way to add an element to science vocabulary. Then move on to the fundamentals section. A virtual, interactive lab takes you to the next level.  Video segments, e books, reading passages, and more make DE Science a valuable resource you simply can’t teach without! The best part is that you can do these things whole group, small group, or independently. You can set up a class and assign these activities over time! Great huh?

Succeeding With Science– This site has fabulous interactive whiteboard activities. Check out the changing matter activity for some real fun! They also offer games, teacher packs with printables, and PDFs that provide questions and puzzles throughout content. It is a wonderful resource you should check out!

Gizmos– Explore Learning offers a great variety of activities to be done in groups or independently, as you can also add a class here as well! Assign t and let your students have a blast while learning some great science skills!

Check these resources out and see if you might just be able to add a little flare to your science lessons this fall! And as always I will be on the lookout for more fabulous science sites! As I find them… You will get them!

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