Go Ahead… Take A Plunge.. You’re a Teacher for Goodness Sake!


So I have given much thought to what things I want to alter in the year to come based on what I have gained through my PLN in the last few months. So much information is out there, and becoming overwhelmed is beyond reasonable. That being said, I am starting to take one step at a time, but take them as often as possible. I have started attending webinars weekly, which takes only an hour out of my day, and gives me a wealth of information to process. I started blogging, as you know, obviously. This lets me take what I see as really important information and pass it on to others who hopefully find what I have to say somewhat engaging every now and again! These steps were ones that have led me into the next venue… My new mantra- reinventing the wheel- one spoke at a time… Yes I know many who believe that if it isn’t broke you certainly do not need to fix it… but I have to differ a bitand suggest that if that was the case, why would be not be still using those fabulous rotary landline phones instead of thesmart phone today? There isn’t anything wrong with that ole rotary… but it certainly can’t get me directions to the nearest starbucks… so yes… let’s choose to take a few leaps and see where we can go!

My leap of the week is taking on the old faithful Parent University power point. I have used one every year I have taught, and year after year I edit with new dates and figures. It is there, reliable, and some might say predictable. So….. I am saying goodbye to that ole power point… and HELLO to my new Parent University Prezi!  This presentation tool is web based, much more tech inspired, and just as user friendly.. if not more user friendly! It is not slide based, but one big ole presentation with an ordering of events that allows you to roll through the screen to view and zoom to show specifics! It has a lot to offer if you want a fun, whimsical, presentation piece that people will be talking about for days….  or you can keep on rolling with that wheel that isn’t broken, and that is ok too… but maybe, just maybe you might want to check it out. Prezi

3 thoughts on “Go Ahead… Take A Plunge.. You’re a Teacher for Goodness Sake!

  1. Jaime – I too feel like I’ve got a summer of new initiatives to work through…my PLN is providing me so many great ideas (you included)! I’ve been wanting to use Prezi but have been getting sidetracked with other new projects. Perhaps the good old Back to School ppt is a good start. We’ll have to compare notes! 😉 Best of Luck!

  2. Jason Gardner

    My kids love prezi and it is a great alternative to kids that have mastered PowerPoint and are ready for another tool for presenting material.

    I can’t say that I love it, bc it is difficult at times for me to figure out (but maybe that is my old age).

  3. venita28

    Great idea, Jaime. I don;t do a Parent University but will definitely have a Prezi for Open House in the spring – maybe even have my kids make their own to go along with their Glogs!!!

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