Wallwisher – Ways To Use In Your Classroom.


So this is my first post in the “How would I use that?” category of my blog. It is designed to take a simple site or app and give you some suggestions for how to make that work in the classroom setting. This post in particular will center around a site called WallWisher. It is literally a virtual bulletin board that you set up, invite people to, and watch as it becomes a public forum of sorts. The question of course is, how can you use this in a school setting… well I have a few ideas.

First I am thinking of ways to boost communication between home and school. What if every week you put up wall and during that week family members could post a note to their child, or the whole class and pump up moral. They could post any positive message that would show the students they had cheerleaders outside of the classroom. Then on Friday morning, you could pull up the wall and let the students read what had been sent to them. Now knowing that not all families would do this, I would of course go in before I posted on Friday and leave a message for any student who did not have one from a family member. It literally takes a minute to post a note to a child, and I see it as a valuable way to show support from home, which many children really do need to see!

It would also be a great place for parents to post what they might be bringing to a class party or field trip. This would let everyone have the ability to see what was needed, and what was not…. As well as who might be volunteering to help for such events. It is a simple, easy communication tool for sure.

Now in the classroom I have some different ideas about how I see this working with students. First I see it as a great place to make book suggestions. Students could share a favorite book title, author, and short sentence with an introduction to the story. This might be a great way for students to find books they might enjoy as well as some friends that might like the same kinds of books they they like.

It could be a place where students share a favorite scene from a story we read aloud. It could be a place where students practice a skill – perhaps post a cause, and the effect it might have. It could be a place to make a hypothesis about a science lab we would start in class that day, or a place to list a community helper and one job they do to help the community. It doesn’t have to be a huge project, simply a place where they can post ideas, and see what their peers are posting too. It also gives them yet another tech tool that they can become familiar with during the year. It might even be a site they could use in a class project along the way!

I chose to make a wall for this particular occasion and I would love for you to go and post one or two things… One if you have learned something from me and plan to use it in your classroom- tell me what that might be… and Two- If there is a tech topic you want to know more about- post that too! I will see what I can do for you!  Below is the sample greeting that will be sent to your email once you create your first wallwisher… Click on the link to post on my wall!

Hi Guys n Gals
I have created a Wallwisher wall. It is a simple webpage where we all can post our messages easily.
So simply go tohttp://www.wallwisher.com/wall/suggesttome  and post your message there.
Happy Posting!


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