A little late to the game but full of spirit!


┬áSo I made my way into Twitter about 5 months ago as a way to better connect with my peers in the education industry. I felt I was a very strong teacher with excellent use of technology in the classroom. After all I am a TX teacher with resources galore, so I had to be right there along the best of the best in the industry, right? WRONG! Twitter opened my eyes to what was a non stop, constantly moving, always developing, changing daily technology whirlpool! For weeks I just sat amazed at what “new fangled” thing was coming my way. I began following some amazing leaders in the educational technology world, and found that I had a lot to learn. Luckily my personality is full steam ahead… dive right in… get up to your ears in it… then say.. Geesh… I need a plan! So I made one… Start my PLN- Check- Present using WIKI or Google Docs- Check, Blog-Check… And now the fun begins… I want to share with you things that catch my eye… yes I am late to the game, and even if it is halftime, I plan to play my heart out and get in the game for sure. So here it is… my new happy place- EDMODO!

Edmodo.. check it out… If you have been using it and love it… share with me what you do! I have a head full of plans for the fall but I am always open to suggestions…. I will share my vision of Edmodo.

Edmodo in Your Classroom

One thought on “A little late to the game but full of spirit!

  1. Venita

    Wait for me!!!! I’ve got a Wiki now, probably need to change my Twitter account & doing the Edmodo webinar in a few minutes. I’m trying to keep up.

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