Hmmm Edmodo… how will I use thee?


With two Edmodo webinars under my belt, I now have some great ideas on how I am going to use Edmodo in the fall.  Let me start with classroom use- As that is the point, right?

Language Arts- Summary of a story, Predict the ending, Give me a sentence with two proper nouns, Team brainstorming of a writing prompt, Sequencing an activity or event….

Math- Write a word problem for others to solve, Tell me somewhere in the real world you would use decimals, Name an object with symmetry, Give examples of somewhere you see parallel lines, What things in our world can you find that are fractions…..

Science- List two living and nonliving things, measure two things around the room and post their measurements, Predict the mass of an object before the lab, Give examples of solids, liquids, gases, Discuss places you find force and motion in the world around us…

Social Studies- Describe in depth the role of any community helpers, Describe in detail any landform and its characteristics, Describe the role of any community leader…

This is simply a short list of things I see working in my 3rd grade class..  Now for parents-

I will have a separate site just for parents… For them I will:

Update on PTA events, Give reminders about upcoming due dates of projects and attach a rubric, Share funny quotes from anonymous kiddos as we learn, Send up to date info for field trips or activities, remind about holidays off, early release times, etc., Remind parents to send back permission slips and progress reports or report cards, etc…

So I have a plan… It is going to be fun for sure…

Next on my agenda to get to know… Livebinders… Can I use with 3rd graders.. Time to find out!

2 thoughts on “Hmmm Edmodo… how will I use thee?

  1. venita28

    I think we need to get together and have a brainstorming session about how we’re going to use all this newly acquired techie knowledge! I’m already getting overwhelmed.

  2. vandergriftj

    Yep Venita… If we are going to be taking all of this on we will have to brainstorm a bit. Chances are you will be the B wing GO TO and I will be the A wing GO TO!

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