I get it.. really I do…


So my 3rd graders never cease to amaze me. They come in each day with a desire to learn, and all I have to do is employ my magic teacher powers to find just what it is that brings out that desire in 22 different children. Yup, just another day at the office. Today though, like many I have had this year, I see that what I am doing, really is bringing out a desire to learn. I logged on to Edmodo today, only to find my kids griping… about what you might ask…Well they were griping because I had not given them a new assignment, and they had nothing to complete on there! I really almost had to have a double take. Were 8 year olds really giving me grief because I hadn’t added any new assignments or extension questions on a Sunday night? Yup… appeared so! So I obliged… what else would I do?

So I guess what they have taught me this time is that I really do get what kids these days learn from. I see what excites them, what makes they want to learn. I see it, and I am apparently doing something right. So Thank you @JVand3rd for giving me a big ole pat on the back, just when I needed it most!

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