Talking Tablets in the Classroom- iPad Style

Well in case you haven’t heard, I am part of what will hopefully be a successful spring #padcampdallas event. I like many educators see value in using IPads in the classroom, and want very much to be a part of bringing together those who also see the value in this wonderful technology opportunity. This seemingly appears to be the best time to showcase some ways I personally use the iPad in my classroom. 
Let’s start with small group… Whether the students work independently on educational apps to reinforce skills, or in a group with me leading the review via the app, it serves as a most captivating tool for my audience. I have all of my 3rd grade apps categorized and grouped for students to have easy access to what skills I need them to review.
Research… There is never ever a question that goes unanswered… When we want to know something… We google it! (Searchy Pants if they are researching.) 
Video and pictures via Science apps… Things seems to come to life on the iPad. It is a opportunity to show my students neat things without searching the Internet and multiple sites for the material.
Show Me App- There are so many ways to use this in whole or small group, but sometimes the little things like modeling cursive letters in different colors makes a big difference for these kids. 
Multiplication Rap Addictions!!! – we started the multiplication raps last month and they are a hit… I used them at first every day, but as they master their facts, I roll them out still a couple of times a week. They love singing their facts to a fun rap tune!
Skype app… No joke, one morning I Skyped with our science discovery teacher down the hall just so the kids could say good morning, and they would see her in a few minutes! You better believe that was a hit!
Daily 5 Listen to Reading centers…. I have two whole groups full of stories that I have downloaded free thanks to TCEA sharing daily free apps! 
Google Earth…. Oh yeah… So much to do here… It sure does help to provide perspective for 8 and 9 year olds who do not have an strong understanding of our world in terms of where they are in relation to other cities, states, and countries. 
This list could most certainly go on, but it serves as a means by which to show that when you bring the power of iPads to the classroom, the possibilities are unlimited!  So if you have the opportunity to participate in iPad professional development opportunities, jump on them! You won’t be disappointed by any means!

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