Final Post of the Year- What Did You Learn From Me?


As the year comes to an end, I felt that the best way to conclude my teaching career blog experience would be to let my kids do the blogging. Only they can truly tell you what I was able to teach them this year. Brutal honestly from 3rd graders is the only way to go! So I hand if off to them, to share our memories of learning from JVand3rd 2011-2012

Abi-Mrs.Vandergrift taught me how to prepare myself for 4th and 5th grade.

Alessandra- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us a lot of things about math, like charts and graphs.

Grete Mrs. Vandergrift also taught me that even though there are annoying people, you still have to work with them sometimes.

Lauren- Mrs. Vandergrift taught me how to line symmetry.

Cassidy- Mrs. Vandergrift taught me about angles.

Sebastian- Mrs. Vandergrift taught me area and perimeter.

Kyle- Mrs. Vandergrift taught me how to mutliplication and divison.

George- Mrs. Vandergrift has supported me with learning to do square roots.

Jesse- Mrs. Vandergrift taught me geometry.

Eli- Mrs. Vandergrift helps kids solveĀ their problems.

Leart- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us cursive and decimals, and prepared us for 4th grade.

Kristin- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us to write poetry.

Sydney- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us how to think and work hard.

Brayden- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us how to do Kidblog.

Sawyer- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us how to copy and paste šŸ™‚

Rafay-Mrs. Vandergrift has taught us the life learning skill, that you have learn this stuff now, because you will have to use it in your older life.

Keegan- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us with a lot of technology.

Riley- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us about the Solar System

Sarah- Mrs. Vandergrift taught math in a fun way.

Brooklyn- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us math.

Parmida- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us everything.

Ellie- Mrs. Vandergrift taught us everything we need to know to go to 4th grade even though we make her a little crazy .

Extras from my talkative boys : She taught us how to use technology the right way.

In the past Mrs. Vandergrift has taught us about science in a funny way with Jeff Corwin.Ā 

My girls need to chime in extra too: She has prepared us for our future and the real world.

Needless to say, it has been quite a year. Memories abound, and good stories will always come from our year together. I wish them all the luck in the years to come and hope I instilled in them a love of learning and growing. To the class of 2021- May you always reach for the stars!

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