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Well I have not blogged here since June of 2012. That was the last time I was technically a teacher. Yes I am certified in two states, and yes I am a teacher at heart, but until August of this year, I wasn’t technically a teacher. I consulted for two years, gained such great experience, but really… at the heart of it… I was a lost teacher. Even though I tried to deny it, I missed elementary school. I missed little hugs, crazy shenanigans, and all things elementary. So when Kate Matthews (@gatechteach) pointed me in the direction of a interview for an elementary instructional technology position, it seemed like maybe I would have a chance to get back into that wonderful elementary world once again. After two years of consulting however, I was well aware my vision of technology may not line up with that of school leadership. Luckily I was quite wrong, and at Sara Harp Minter Elementary  (@saraharpminter) I was going to be right at home. Not only was I about to start working in a wonderful school, but that school just happens to be a 5 minute commute… and a wonderful place for my children to go to school as well. To say this was an abundant blessing would be an understatement.

I could go on and on about the great things that happen at our school, but I want our media products to speak for themselves. I see students (all 750 in K-5) once every three weeks. That time is truly a whirlwind. I work hard to hit each of the ISTE standards twice, and infuse as many digital learning opportunities as possible into our short time together. I have opened up BYOT and let students bring a device to my room any time. I have started plans to redesign the learning space, and let kids be a valuable part of that change. I have a fourth grade digileaders team, and they meet with me twice a week during lunch. I hope to instill in them how important digital leadership truly is! Here is a little taste of what we do during those lunch meetings!  https://audioboom.com/boos/2698689-shmes-digileaders-review-the-wobble-stool-by-kore

With this short recap I will say this…  I need to once again use this blog to share the amazing things going on in our school. I need to blog regularly… and now I will! 2015 is the year to get back in the game! For now… enjoy a few media products that showcase the best of this fall at Sara Harp Minter. Follow us on Twitter… and keep an eye on the #shmesdll hashtag too! Great things are happening, and I am thrilled to be one small part of it!



So now that you are caught up… I hope you will stay tuned for 2015 and all that is in store of us!

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