Why I Didn’t Choose #OneWord2017



First and foremost.. Happy New Year! What a wonderful opportunity to refresh, rethink life habits, and gain a wonderful new perspective on it all! I love seeing so many people embrace writing, processing, and digging deep with new practices for the year to come. It reminds me that I am surrounded by amazing people with growth mindsets and determination strong and true!

Now you are probably thinking I am hating on the #OneWord2017 practice, but really I am not. I simply chose to instead write a 2017 mission with FOUR words that need to drive me this year. This year I plan to live FIERCE, FUELED, FUN and FULFILLED. Each word means something important to me, and is designed to help me walk away from 2017 stronger in mind, body, and spirit. Here is how I believe each word will make me a better version of myself in 2017.

FIERCE- I am going for it. I simply can’t sit on the sidelines. I need to step out there and show others who I am. I am way more than technology. I know curriculum. I am a leader. I am a strong partner in planning and implementation. I will be fierce this year, and hope others will see me for way more than just a knowledgeable technology specialist.

FUELED – As we know, if the gas tank is empty, the car isn’t going very far. I am no different. I have to have fuel to make the kind of impact I want to make. I have to be rested, clear minded, and sharp. That is going to take some disconnecting, curling up with a good book, working out, socializing, and just focusing on me.

FUN- I have recently realized how little I truly laugh. I am not talking about your everyday chuckle, but a real belly laugh, the kind that makes your ribs hurt! I realized that when I have to look for joy in a day, I am not in the place where I can find deep gratitude in a day. I want that to be something I drop kick in 2017. I want to laugh, hard! I want to see joy, and have gratitude no matter the day. I want fun!

FULFILLED – This one is met pretty easily if I can keep up with the other three, but being fulfilled for me is simply having a well rounded life. I want to have a good balance of work, family, fitness, socializing, volunteering, and taking time for me. When all those buckets get filled a bit, fulfillment is achieved. It is only when one of those things overrides all the other that fulfillment is lost.

So instead of #OneWord2017 I chose a mission comprised of four words that will hold me accountable this year. I made the graphic on Canva, and now when I open my Chromebook, I see it every time! Having a visual is crucial.

How are you tacking 2017?



One thought on “Why I Didn’t Choose #OneWord2017

  1. Jaki Day

    I really love your four words, Jaime. Sometimes you just can’t limit your thoughts, ideas and dreams to one word. Sometimes one word is all you can muster. It has to be meaningful to you. Otherwise why bother? 😊

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