Less Is More.. Unless We are Talking Impact


So the final days are upon us. In less than 72 hours I am back to work for the 17-18 school year. While there is some sadness to losing the days of sleeping in, working from my couch, and watching way too much Netflix, I personally enjoy getting back into the routine of it all. This year will be routine in some ways, and new in others. Going back to 3rd grade is going to be fun, but let me break down a few key elements that will make this round so different.

*11-12 3rd grade was in TX and 17-18 3rd grade will be in Georgia – Goodbye STAAR and hello Milestones.

*11-12 3rd grade was my first year as a connected educator using a little bit of every technology resource I could get my hands on … and 17-18 3rd grade will be my 7th year as a connected educator with a controlled and deep use of the best resources that fit my instructional vision!

*11-12 3rd grade was equipped with a SMART board, SMART response, and my very own iPad with three student PC’s… 17-18 3rd grade starts with a Promethean Activ Panel, and hopefully very soon a 1:1 Chromebook setting, 2 Student PC’s  and a sweet little tablet I won on Twitter a couple years ago!

*11-12 3rd grade was striving to be as paperless as possible using tools like Edmodo, Kidblog, and Glogster, whereas 17-18 3rd grade will be a Seesaw, Classflow, and Newsela kind of year. (Brain Pop Make a Movie and Make A Map are on the agenda soon too.)


*11-12 3rd grade was a team of amazing ladies who made me laugh… a LOT.. 17-18 3rd grade IS a team of amazing ladies who make me laugh A LOT! This team even gives me a touch of merry ole England too!



*11-12 3rd grade was a class of amazing kiddos who are headed off to high school this year…. 17-18 3rd grade is made up of kids I have taught technology too since they were FIVE! What a span!

*11-12 3rd grade taught me that you put your energy where it matters..17-18 3rd grade will be me doing just that. I won’t have a “classroom management” program in place….  We are a Leader in Me School and those habits need to drive us. Habit 1 – Be Proactive – I am in charge of me. Who needs to add anything more to that? You be in charge of you… PERIOD! 🙂


*11-12 3rd grade we had desks.. and well that didn’t give us very much wiggle room soooo… 17-18 3rd grade will be a flexible learning space. Work where you learn BEST y’all! Classroom reveal comes a just over a week!

Flashback to 11-12!

So in some cases LESS is MORE… depth in technology integration over width ….

Classroom management within your school vision, not beyond it.. or in addition to it….

Less requirements… seats as a choice (when you show you can do what needs to be done).  LESS is MORE.

So in the words of 11-12 #JVand3rd — yes they had a few words.. and we blogged about it… Read our Blog HERE!  Wonder what 17-18 #JVand3rd will have to say in about 10 months?





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