Writing Journals in the Flipped Classroom- Just Imagine


So at some point in our professional teaching career we have all said, "Get out your journal, write about…. and draw a picture. "  (Elem teachers that is… ) We want our students writing, and putting their vision of their writing into pictures, and that isn’t likely to change any time soon. The way we do it, however, can. Now in my visionary world where students come in and grab their wireless tablets to begin the day with digitally logging attendance and lunch count, answering warm up teasers and polls on edmodo and…. OH geez… there I go again… Daydreaming of that perfect 21st century classroom.  None the less, in that classroom I would love to say “Open Kid Blog and write about… then open Sketchup and create your vision."  Wow! Imagine! First and foremost Kid Blog is a safe environment for students to open up and share their writing with not just the teacher, but a class or more of readers. It opens up the door for collaborative discussion, constructive feedback, and a vision of personal strengths and weaknesses in writing. It stays there for as long as the site does and students can go back and see how far they have come in the year.  Sketchup is a fabulous 3D tool that Google offers as a free download to your computer. It allows for a variety skill builders, such as understanding depth, volume, dimensions, and more. Students can make their own virtual 3D landscape to go along with their blog.  It simply is taking what we do in the classroom a step further and differentiating for our students. Sketchup is great for differentiation, as a matter of fact … You can create your own objects or look up and download already created images. You can add depth, dimension, shadows, or simply place objects and move on. Every student could use this to their comfort level with some teacher modeling in advance. So check these two sites out and imagine just how you could make this work in your flipped classroom!