Loved Popples as a Kid, Love Popplet now!


Teaching 8 year olds technology is always a fun experience. They absolutely love getting their hands on something new and engaging. When I introduced SMART response last year I heard “Wow!”, “This is cool!”, and “Awesome”. The last week of school I was still able to pull review lessons off the SMART exchange and keep them engaged in working on the final days of the year! Amazing! So when I plan for next fall I look for things that I can use with the curriculum that will elevate their exposure to technology as well as take learning to a whole new level.  One of my new favorite tech sites is This is a fun graphic organizer that you could utilize for a variety of activities in the classroom including, sequencing, story webbing, brainstorming writing prompts, presentation tools, etc. I think my first popplet  of the year may be a family tree that each student makes. It would be a great way to introduce the popplet and let them share their family with one another.   For more on the popplet check out this You Tube video link Popplet. Give it a try… I promise you will be impressed!