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Growing is something that I have become quite accustomed to in this instructional technology career of mine. I know as a teacher I did similar things each year, but I feel like in this role the growth jumps are so much bigger, better, and eye opening. In our Meet the Teacher event two weeks ago, I had a student come back, who is now in 7th grade, and in talking to her she mentioned how she thought it was cool that her class was the first I had used Google Classroom with. It was a conversation that left me thinking about how far I have come in just two short years in terms of instructional technology and learning tools. I have used so many tools, I sometimes look back and wonder how I kept them all going in the craziness of the year. This year I do believe it is going to be quite different. This year I found Classflow!

Last spring Classflow hit my radar at the Google Apps for Education Southern Summit, and since then I have been quite intrigued with just what potential lies in this content management system.  I was thrilled to jump in and start learning about how Classflow worked, and what place it might just have in my instructional planning. I had no idea how far this would go, but now I sure am glad I started exploring!

Classflow combines so many of the tools I already use into one FREE classroom content management program. It lets me search thousands of already created interactive resources, run lessons, assign tasks, award badges, deliver content that students can connect to, and provides me opportunities to send live questions straight to student devices. I can send a question to all students, or just a select group. I have a class stream for sharing announcements with each class, and I can even run Classflow Desktop on the fly with any web based lesson with full annotation tools! This really is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of how Classflow can impact the teaching and learning in my room… and my school!

I personally think I have gained such a better understanding of Classflow because I have jumped in to it from three different perspectives. I have looked at it from the role of a teacher, a student, and an Instructional Technology Specialist. Those different perspectives have given me a deeper appreciation for what I can do to change teaching and learning in my building and beyond though using Classflow!

So where do you start? I suggest you check out Camp Classflow as a great starter resource. Head back to school with a new Classflow account and be ready to wow your students, parents, and fellow teachers! Kick off the year with something that is going to make a difference in how you teach your class each daily!




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